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About Me

Natasha Jordan is a woman who can be described as a paragon of strength since she has been through many challenges that could have broken her but made her stronger.

Born to a mentally ill mother, she developed the innate ability to care for others by caring for her mother. Although each day was more challenging than the last, she is grateful God gave her the mother that he did because, through her journey with her mother, she was blessed with a foster mother who saw the best in her at age twelve when many others had written her off.

All these trials—growing up in foster care, the loss of her mother and foster mother, an on-off relationship with her father and family members, disloyal friends, moments of depression and uncertainty and two failed marriages etc.—only served to create a strong woman with a stronger character, better perseverance, and a better perspective towards life.

These trials and challenges gave her the strength to wake up every day, strive to become a better person and also provided her with the intellect to bring forth a work ethic and voice that she hopes will motivate and inspire others to become a better and stronger version of themselves.

Natasha Jordan's Educational and Professional Credentials


  • Bachelor of Science, Community & Human Service Management.
  • Associate of Science, Community & Human Service.

 Professional Certifications

  • Agency For HealthCare Administration, Assisted Living Core Training Provider.
  • Fowler International, Certified Professional Coach.
  • Fowler International, Certified Disaster Recovery Coach.
  • Agency For Person With Disabilities, Core Competency and Zero Tolerance Trainer.
  • Residential Facility Business Development, Strategy and Quality Assurance Consultant.
  • Behaviour Focus Oversight Testing and Monitoring Certification.
  • Licensed Owner of Operator of Long Term Residential and Behavior Focus Facilities.
  • Florida Board of Cosmetology, Licensed Full Specialist.
  • State of Florida, Notary Public. 

Author’s Quote

I am here to share my thoughts, knowledge, and expertise in hopes that it serves as a gift to those who need healing from trauma, an inspirational voice, and a person who knows all too well the obstacles that life can present when trying to become a more robust version of themselves.

With Grace & Gratitude
Natasha Jordan