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From Foster Care With A Purpose

Have you ever realized how damaging or powerful your voice can be to other’s?

 What’s your story, and how are you lending your voice and a helping hand to create a positive change amongst individuals less fortunate than you? From Foster Care With A Purpose was written to inspire and motivate those that come in contact with the Foster Care System. It’s a small token of words that I hope give foster care children and foster care providers a beacon of light that we all have a purpose beyond our circumstances.

My Life In Qoutes

Every quote carries the weight of my triumphs and the scars of my struggles, revealing the resilience that has propelled me forward.

“My Life in Quotes” invites you to reflect on your own journey and find solace, inspiration, and connection within its pages. It is a testament to the power of words to heal, transform, and unite.

Let these quotes resonate within you, as they have echoed through the corridors of my life, reminding us all that we are not alone in our human experience.

From Foster Care With A Purpose
The Workbook

Life gives us good and bad moments, but the most important thing in either of these moments is the support that you receive. The world can be so cold, but having a great support system makes all the difference in one’s life. I didn’t understand this as a child; but as an adult I do.

The purpose of “THE WORKBOOK” is that it reaches the hands of our children, our parents, our social workers and anyone who is looking for simple written exercises and tools that are meant to inspire,
motivate and spark conversation and transformation for during this journey call life.

My Purpose in life, was not easy to find, but continuing to live life with purpose is easy.