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From Foster care with a Purpose Workbook

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Realize the influence of your voice; Share your journey to empower others. Inspire hope and positivity for those in foster care, fostering a sense of purpose beyond circumstances


“From Foster Care With A Purpose is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of compassion and resilience within the foster care system. It’s a beacon of hope and inspiration for both children and providers, urging us all to recognize our inherent worth and potential for positive change.”

Natasha Jordan


Life gives us good and bad moments, but the most important thing in either of these moments is the support that you receive. The world can be so cold, but having a great support system makes all the difference in one’s life.

I didn’t understand this as a child; but as an adult I do. The purpose of “THE WORKBOOK” is that it reaches the hands of our children, our parents, our social workers and anyone who is looking for simple written exercises and tools that are meant to inspire, motivate and spark conversation and transformation for during this journey call life.

My Purpose in life, was not easy to find, but continuing to live life with purpose is easy.

About Author

Natasha Jordan is a woman who can be described as a paragon of strength since she has been through many challenges that could have broken her but made her stronger.

Born to a mentally ill mother, she developed the innate ability to care for others by caring for her mother. Although each day was more challenging than the last, she is grateful God gave her the mother that he did because, through her journey with her mother, she was blessed with a foster mother who saw the best in her at age twelve when many others had written her off.


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